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Shamanism, Workshops & Firewalks

Transformational Experiences

Shamanism is an ancient, traditional healing practice and spiritually healthy way of living. This is a way of life that can be traced back to the oldest known shamanic burial in what is present day Czech Republic with the Fox Shaman, a woman buried with all ceremony under the scapula of a mammoth, at least one fox pelt and red ocher.


These finds and so many others point to the long history of what we now call Shamanism spanning all global cultures. While rituals, ceremonies and practices are unique throughout the various global threads of shamanism, at the heart of them is the intention to create oneness between the sacred and the mundane, which is wholeness.


Shamanism is the tradition of my ancestors, feeding from the Yagas of my maternal lines in what is now the Ukraine and my paternal Scandinavian lineage. It was lost for a time as they, like so many around the globe, assimilated into the politic religious systems that survival of those times required.


The study of other lineages, Toltec, Egyptian and Munay-Ki, feels only natural as we are all one. I love being able to blend and dance the lines of my heritage with the lines I have earned through initiations. Having earned all nine of the Karpays and the Blood Rites of the Munay-Ki through the light lineage that passes from those who last held the keys of the pathways through the mountains, I weave those practices with those native to my people.


The nine rites, or Karpay, I carry are:


Healer’s Rites

Bands of Power

Harmony Rites

Seer Rites


Wisdomkeeper Rite

EarthKeeper Rites

Starkeeper Rites

Creator Rite


Shamanism is much more than drumming or leading mediations while calling them journeys, it is a way of life. It is in how we connect to our personal lineage, the three worlds and Life in the moment-to-moment of each day.


Nicki Scully, an expert on ancient Egyptian Shamanism, says that alchemy—another word for shamanism—is “the interactive dance through which practitioners constantly weave spirits and matter into the multidimensional tapestry of life.”


Working with a shaman can guide and support you


Support and guidance are offered in these areas:


Restoration of health and wellness

Cleansing and purifying

Repairing and rejuvenation

Improving the relationship between an individual and the community

Interpreting meaning

When there is difficulty being present in the physical body

Feeling numb or deadened

Chronic depression

Weak immune system

Chronically ill as a child

When life experiences have been selectively forgotten or blacked-out


Releasing and reconciling grief


What fire and glass walking can teach


Walking fire is another practice that has existed since humans started having a relationship with this element. Fire is transformative and often something we fear (this feels like a meta commentary). The gift and healing to be found in fire and glass walks is the way each breaks self-limiting beliefs, aids in getting us unstuck and transforming us into to our best selves.

Upcoming Events

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"I wanted to thank you again for our session together, it really has been a game changer. 


Not only have I been able to reconnect with my brother, but I feel like it fully opened the channels to my guardian and guiding angels. Which has been a profound help in my Doula work. 


I haven’t met many Angels on this earth,  and I am so very glad that I met you." 

Susan Stout, Death Doula

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