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Being with your growth edge

A space to open to your deepest, authentic feminine self.  A space to both witness and be witnessed, to be held in the deep wisdom that only a group can create. This is a journey to the growth edge of each member, bringing the gifts of her passion, voice and personal power into fullness. 

For every month of membership each member will receive a natal birth chart reading focused on the archetype of the month which includes a short write up, birth chart, audio and video of the reading.

Around mid month the offering of a wisdom reading, oracle card pull, or a recorded practice is sent out to meet the spirit of the archetype and energy of the group call.

The final Friday of the month we gather on Zoom at 7pm Central time for a 90 minute chat that can range from each women sharing her experience and "wow" moments, highs and lows to group mediations or story-telling around the archetype for the month.

This women’s circle can be as self-led or supported as each woman feels is in her alignment; using the natal and transit chart reading, the mid-month support and the live Zoom gathering as works best.

Zoom Gathering Date

April 29 @ 7pm CT/ 5pm PT

May 27 @ 7pm CT/5pm PT

June 24 @ 7pm CT/5pm PT

July 29 @ 7pm CT/5pmPT

Monthly Membership Cost:

$57 USD




"Women’s circle has brought so much connection for me.  Knowing what my chart is and what's going to happen, has been transforming for me as it helps me ride the wave.  It's also helpful to know if something feels really heavy, I have a group of women at the end of the month that I can talk to or I could reach out to Amiee and she has given me so much more support than I would have ever imagined. 

Working with Amiee has given me a lot of strength to stand in my power and to really hold in myself what I'm capable of.  In my relationships, I'm allowing myself to connect more.  I'm really standing in my voice with people and  just really communicating my needs a lot better."

Danielle Brua, Pediatric Dental Assistant