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Journey Inward

Listen to the call...

There are experiences and places in the process of being human that can create a spilt between the heart and the head, between the head and the body, between the mind and spirit. Journey Inward is an opportunity to heal the spilt and close the internal divide.

This accelerated, focused 1:1 online series helps to move you past the things that keep you stuck: fear, anxiety, shame, guilt and regret. The primary vehicles used are archetypes, meditations, astrology, and the Akashic Records.

Archetypes are energy signatures that exist everywhere and in everything, like a tapestry the threads are woven into the unique pattern that build a whole person.  Seeing, relating to and growing understanding of the patterns of how those archetypal energies work in day to day life allow a perspective that is higher and broader.

By exploring the archetypal patterns present in your life journey your Sacred Contract can be revealed and utilized to empower and reclaim your personal sovereignty.

You do not need to walk this “calling home” journey alone. 

I offer a 30-minute introductory consultation to help you find out if this is a fit for you and what kind of time frame you feel it will take for you to embody the change you seek. This consultation costs $71.50, which will be credited towards the purchase of a 6- or 10-session package.

A 6-session package ($1097) includes one 90-minute session and five 60-minute sessions over a 60 to 80-day period via facetime or Zoom.

A 10-session package ($1647) includes one 90-minute session and nine 60-minute sessions over a 90 to 120-day period via facetime or Zoom.

"Amiee has offered me this incredible invitation to grow and transform.  It is the hardest thing I have ever done and I could not have a better guide."

Tim W.

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