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Alchemy: a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

For years I have been offering client education on what I view as the five bodies: the physical, energetic, emotional, spiritual, and mental.  It is my philosophy that wellness is about the embodied integrative harmony of all five of our bodies.  I practice the art of healing and embodiment, weaving together my years of experience, study and education to facilitate healthier stewardship of these vessels that house our souls.

I don’t believe that the soul exists in one single place in our body but that our souls are meant to thrive in our every cell.  Miraculous healing is possible when working through the space of opening our hearts to beauty.  When we open to beauty, even when it is the beauty of grief, pain or processing our shame, guilt and trauma, we can create room to move into love. 

I am a shadow worker and a soul seer.  As I get to know my clients and they share their stories, I often start to see things that they are working hard not to see.  And I am likely to poke at these things.  I ask questions.  And they may not be questions that have an immediate answer, or even questions that my clients are willing to answer (even for themselves), but they are questions that matter.  I will be a gentle, but sharp edge that can lead to bleeding in the most beautiful ways. 

My gift is to open the doors that lead to soul embodiment, harmony and self-knowing; to weave souls back fully into their bodies.

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Voyage Minnesota

This is a brief interview as part of Voyage Minnesota's Inspiring Stories Series done in 2022.  Click here to read more.

Season 2 | Episode 6: Showing Up as Your Whole Self - A Conversation with Amiee Elizabeth

This episode is full of inspiration and juiciness. I loved having time to speak with Amiee Elizabeth about the 5 bodies each of us inhabits and the importance of showing up wholly and completely in the world. Amiee is a Somatic and Intuitive Healer, a Shamanic Practitioner, an Astrologer, a Cranial Sacral Therapist, and a Firewalking Instructor. This is an episode you'll want to listen to more than once.

Also available on Apple, Spotify and all the podcast places.

Well Connected Twin Cites Podcast

Episode 80 Craniosacral Therapy and Archetypes with Amiee Elizabeth

Amiee Elizabeth, a somatic intuitive healer, owner of AE Body Alchemy describes her multi-faceted work. She uses informed bodywork practices like Craniosacral Therapy, Shamanic Healing Practices, Archetypes, and Astrology to guide her women’s circles.

While Amiee certainly has a lot of tools at her disposal, her main focus is to guide women to breakthrough what’s been holding them back, releasing the deeply rooted shame, guilt, fear and regret through whole-body and mind practices.

Client testimonials


Kate Chaffee, Attorney and Healthcare Compliance Specialist

"Amiee is fiercely honest and has impeccable boundaries. She never reveals the wound, without also showing the medicine. Amiee is super smart, on all of the levels of smartness.  It crosses a broad spectrum experientially and I trust the articulation of what she’s experiencing. I trust the rigor with which she approaches the intellectual work that she has to do.  It just blows me away that Amiee has it on all levels and that she brings it in a way that is generous and non-judgmental. 

When we first started working together I didn't yet trust what I knew about myself and I felt that my inadequacy would be exposed. It was clear to me that she was going to see deeply.  On some level I was afraid that she would be disappointed, but that never happened.  Amiee never made me feel like she was disappointed.  She helped me to deeply trust myself and deeply trust the Universe to show me the path by modeling fearless exploration.  I've just come to trust the path and my innate sense of exploration, but it wasn't like I had to follow the same path she followed. I am in the field, we're in the same field, but I'm finding my own path.  I'm finding my own touch points.  It’s kind of mind blowing actually. 

The transformation I have experienced working with Amiee is a deep alignment with essence.  

It's like trying to describe the ineffable. It's just transformational. And for me Amiee brings the support and guidance to awaken me and remind me of who I am.  The mantra that has developed for me is “I've got important work to do in the world”.   I don't yet know what all that work is but I I have come to know through my work with Amiee that discovering and doing that work is vital.  And knowing that, the stuff that's not important, is falling away. That's the beauty of it."

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