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Using light touch therapy I read my client’s energy system, craniosacral pulse,  myofascial system and the condition of the physical body.  The physical and energy bodies tell me where they are holding “stuff” which provides clues to what is happening within the emotional body.  My clients will reveal the condition of their mental bodies by sharing their stories, allowing me to see clearly where their challenges lie and how their stories feed their discomfort, disorder and dis-ease.

A session with me is fully-clothed, so come dressed comfortably.  Sometimes a session is quiet and sometimes my clients need to talk, verbalize or cry through it.

Please note, my studio space is located in a building that is not handicap accessible (full flight of stairs to get to my space, which is on the second floor).  If you have accessibility concerns, please reach out to me and we will discuss other options.

Private one-on-one sessions of body alchemy:

60 minutes: $125.00

90 minutes: $150.00

120 minutes: $200.00


"You are such a healer."