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Did you know that your natal chart contains your unique blueprint for health, wellness, purpose and so much more?  

Our natal astrological map is set at the moment of our first breath in this  physical body. That first breath is the breathing in of the energies of that exact moment. This is a metaphysical truth. It is also a foundational reason astrology works. We are each a small piece of the macro-organism that is the Universe.

While astronomy studies the movement of the Cosmos, astrology studies the meaning of that movement. As a student of Biology, Anatomy, Physiology and other sciences I understand that the studying the movement of something is often useless without an understanding of the meaning of that movement.

Pets are my favorite example of why both matter. Seeing the dog move its tail is one thing; understanding what the position, speed and motion of the tail mean is another. Both the movement AND the meaning matter.

Each 60-75 minute session includes a copy of your natal chart as well as the current transits. We will explore your 5 bodies (physical, energetic, emotional, spiritual and mental) and their relationship to both your natal placements and to current astrological conditions. I will offer guidance and a map for potential routes that can be taken for deeper healing and help on your path to living your wholeness.

"Thank you for what I believe was the best reading I have ever had. I have been read by (some big names in the astrology world), no one has ever given me a reading like yours today. You are so gifted! "

Michelle TD

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