Did you know that your natal chart contains your unique blueprint for health and wellness?  

Each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac and the major planets are associated with very specific areas of the body and physical symptoms.

For example, the health of our bones, skin and teeth are associated with the planet Saturn.  If you are having skin issues, understanding where Saturn appears in your natal chart, combined with the current astrology, provides clues and opens doors that lead to wellness and wholeness.  Where is Saturn located in your chart?  Are you in alignment with your Saturn?  We are going to explore his archetypal energies: Saturn is structure, the structure that holds our bodies together. Have you made friends with Saturn and learned what he has to teach you about yourself?  

Or, perhaps you have been experiencing headaches or chronic pain in your head.  Your head is governed by the sign of Aries (associated with primal self and survival) and often with head pain there is repressed anger: “my primal self was never met”.  We will explore the possibilities around untapped, repressed and unacknowledged anger.  How do we move the anger out, make space for you to meet your own primal needs, and find healing?

Each one-hour session includes a copy of your natal chart as well as the current transits.  We will explore your 5 bodies (physical, energetic, emotional, spiritual and mental) and their relationship to both your natal placements and to current astrological conditions.  I will offer you guidance and a map for routes that can be taken for deeper healing and help on your path to wholeness.


"Thank you for what I believe was the best reading I have ever had. I have been read by (some big names in the astrology world), no one has ever given me a reading like yours today. You are so gifted! "

Michelle TD