Transformational Experiences

Join me for a half day exploration of how each individual can best rise up to meet present times!  Things are feeling wild and turbulent in the day to day and the deep call for a shift is pushing at everyone.  

Come for the experience, have no plan other than to be fully present with each moment.  Walking the fire is not required, so please set this piece aside.

Weather permitting we will be outside for the majority of the day to meditate, shamanic journey, unwind, hike/move, eat and firewalk.

TerraLuna catering will be creating a delish dinner the evening of  September 18, 2021 in Houston, MN. 

Dinner will also be provided by Nabus Kitchen for the October 9, 2021 event in Westport, MA.  Lydia Silva is my amazing co-facilitator for this event!! 

Both events starts at 3pm, so please be on time and remember to bring layers as we are going to be outside as much as possible.  We will be wrapping up around 9pm to get everyone on their way before it gets to be too late.

Both of these events are all gender inclusive.  If there are dietary needs to be aware of please include those in the notes when you register, I will also check in personally.  Please be welcome.