4 days of growing your personal elemental connections!

We are made of each of the elements, they run through us, inform us and invite us to grow.  This in person 4-day VIP retreat is on 900 acres of wooded land that lifts and falls as life does.  The invitation is to spend time with each of the elements which feed the elements of every individual woman's Spirit.

Seeking to open and deepen the personal connection with the elemental forces of Life is a Growth Edge that is tremendously softening to our bodies.  We will be spending plenty of time outside to do exactly that, so pack to be outside and maybe get dirty as the earth is calling.

Specializing in VIP retreat experiences held in a spacious, nourishing energy that allows participants to find and be at their growth edges. With time to integrate the changes and expansions women return to their lives feeling more centered and in their fullness.

At this time there are no retreats scheduled.  There are a couple of workshops happening this fall, one in Minnesota and one in Massachusetts.  If the call is to start your reclamation reach out! 


"Thank you so much for leading our healing retreat.  What a brave, fierce and patient woman you are.  You made the space safe enough to go somewhere new and we found real healing."